Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How to tell the difference between Smith & Wesson Revolvers

I wanted to know more about the differences between different models of Smith & Wesson revolvers so I did a little research.  Here is a synopsis of what I found in a 101 version.

To learn more on the subject, go to the Lucky Gunner website for a great source.

J Frame (2)

K Frame (3)

L Frame (4)

N Frame (5)

Smith & Wesson Revolvers Side-by-Side (6)

Welcome the Weapons & Guns

Welcome to Weapons and Guns!

This blog is part education, part celebration, and part examination.  Looking at what makes a gun tick and how we view them.

The more we learn, the better informed we can be on the subject.  Most of us who like the subject have growth up with guns as tools for use on the farm and/or for sport.  It's part of a culture that we enjoy.  Hopefully this site can promote respect of what a gun owner is really all about.

I put this collage together after looking at old gun advertisements.  I thought the contrasts were both interesting and hilarious.  I hope it's a good way to get this subject started on this blog.